Our Slimming Clinic

Six weeks of Natural therapy
The effective way of losing weight

Our slimming clinic is a tailor made program that will suit each individuals needs, based on an assessment of the person.

The program consists of a no-carb diet, using only the highest specialty and natural products. By making use of homotoxicology, the effectiveness of our program increases as we combine it with diabetic care.

We address sugar intake and several issues related to healthy living, while educating our clients on the health dangers of being overweight.

The duration of the slimming clinic course is 6 weeks, in which the client receives an injection consisting of natural products, together with a special formula of probiotics.

Because of our pharmaceutical background, we can address eating disorders and over weight issues keeping the medicinal record in mind, as the combination of various medicines sometimes have an effect on eating patterns.

We invite all our clients to come with whatever slimming or weight loss program they currently use, and hear from us how can add or integrate it with our approach to healthy living. We see what works for you, and addapt accordingly.

Our products is sourced from the HEEL Company in Germany, and is 100% homeopathic products.

The program cost R1900.00 for the duration of six weeks, with the added bonus of no compulsory exercise!

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