My job is medicine and I love giving out medicine to make peoples lives better at my Castle Walk and Castle Ridge pharmacies as well as in my mobile pharmacy called Clinics 4 Jesus.

The daily job of a pharmacist is to listen to so many problems and to come in contact with patients carrying very dangerous organisms in them. At the same time however, practical solutions need to be brought forth and applied for optimum efficiency.

Most patients I work with are wealthy people with medical insurance and they spend substantial amounts of money to stay healthy and even more money when they are sick to secure a speedy recovery. Something notable in society today, is that many people spend even more than the usual medical amounts, to remain young and vital.

In my pharmacies, we also receive patients that are financially less well off. With a wide range of medicine with reduced costs over the past decade, it is then not difficult to treat patients on a strict budget or for instance someone with only R20 (about one dollar) in his pocket.

It came about that one day, a clearly heard the voice of God in a dream I had, distinctly telling me to take my pharmacies to the poorest of the poor.

 In the dream, God showed me a white panel van, loaded with medicine. Ever since that dream, it remains the way I take my pharmacies to the poor, using my mobile pharmacy until this very day.

I visit poor communities on a weekly basis in and around Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa.

My mobile pharmacy fully stocked, I visit suburbs where there are in most cases no nearby pharmacy and where the needs are not always met by similar services.

It truly is an unfortunate matter that the local government clinics are totally inadequate and that service levels struggle to keep up with the rising demand in health care.

Over time, this resulted in the poor in South Africa being used to bad service and getting almost no medicine at a local clinic or hospital.

It is my great pleasure to welcome these patients unto my mobile pharmacy services with the same passion, love and diligence, I treat my wealthy patients in my other pharmacies in the wealthier parts of the city.

This begs the question many people struggle with when embarking on a noble cause.

Where does the money come from to treat these patients on an equal level as my patients in my pharmacies every day?

To me, the answer wasn’t always easy, but fairly simple: The Lord provided for every single kilometre the past 14 years, and it could only have been as a result of his blessing, that I was able to carry on the work I do, and provide quality and decent healthcare to the poor.

I want to invite anyone who want to make a contribution, to join me on a Tuesday when I visit the less fortunate communities.

With your smile and willing hands, you can also give healthcare just by being there and giving basic advice on daily life matters, sharing valuable knowledge we often take for granted.

If you find it difficult to go out with me on such an excursion, feel free to make a donation and I will gladly give it out on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can make a donation into our Registered Non Profit organisation or bring your items intended for the intended community, to the premises of either Castle Walk or Castle Ridge Pharmacies.

The bank account is:

Clinics 4 Jesus

Nedbank – International SWIFT code NEDSZAJJ

Account number 2517036705

Contact me on 0123478497 at Castle Ridge Pharmacy or visit my website on

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