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Who are we?

Clinics4Jesus is a faith-based organization, started in 2006 as an initiative of Castle Walk and Castle Ridge Pharmacies in Pretoria to address the immediate medical needs of the poorest of the poor in areas surrounding Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. The clinic currently only visits each point once a month and reached 41 000 people since 2006. Qualified medical personnel, including a pharmacist and a medical sister provide medical advice and dispense medication during the visits. The clinic reaches 80 people per visiting point per day (300 per month).

The vision of the organization is to reach people who are devastated by disease with the Gospel while taking care of their medical, emotional and spiritual needs. The mission of the organization is to reach out to the poorest of the poor in different communities, where there are no or minimum medical services available, through a mobile clinic that dispenses medication, provides basic medical services and health education.

At Clinics4Jesus, we aim to maintain the highest standard of corporate governance and it is in this light that we strive towards achieving a higher industry norm by maintaining a 10% to 20% administration cost to income ratio. We are BBBEE compliant and registered for Section 18A and NPO.


What do we do?


The clinic currently visits the following places once a month: Hammanskraal (rural area); informal settlements in Namelodi and Nellmapius townships; Winterveld (rural area); Danville and Elandspoort suburbs; Slovovillage; Tswaing; Leeufontein and KwaMhalanga townships.


Who do we serve?


The target group includes people of all ages, mostly women, children, and young people and orphaned, vulnerable and children at approved foster care homes, cluster foster schemes, and drop-in centres. The beneficiaries live in townships, informal settlements, in rural areas and poor suburbs.


They do not have access to health services and cannot afford to buy medication. Almost all the beneficiaries served by the clinic are old aged people and young children who cannot walk long distances to local clinics just to hear that the clinic does not have medication in stock. Our beneficiaries suffer from HIV/AIDS, TB, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other serious illnesses, and need medication urgently. There is also a high rate of unemployment resulting in extreme poverty. Most of the target group are not educated or informed to deal with their situation of poverty and devastating diseases.


How do we do it?


The solution is to take the services to the people in need through a mobile clinic stocked with medication and medical equipment going out on trips to townships. Currently a pharmacist and a medical sister operate the clinic on a voluntary basis. The most important aspect of the organization is hope. The people they experience the love of Jesus in action through the people who serve them. Many people become Christians through this organization and find not only physical healing but also inner healing. It is also important to provide basic health education and information regarding the prevention of illnesses.


Clinics4Jesus focuses on the provision of basic medical services and medication to individuals visiting the clinic; children from foster care homes, cluster foster schemes, and drop-in centres; information and guidance with regard to illnesses and the prevention thereof; referral of patients to specialist medical services; spiritual and emotional support.


The impact on the community is improved health; knowledge about prevention and treatment of diseases; healthy life styles; emotionally and spiritually encouraged and strengthened. The organization needs funding; donations of medication; a support network of medical specialists; pharmacists and other professional people to operate and duplicate their services to reach more people in need.

Clinics4Jesus provides companies and individuals with the opportunity to become a partner in the quest for fighting disease, the restoration of people and communities, and in making a permanent difference in the lives of broken and lost people.

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