We inhabit the planet and God told us to become more and fill this planet with humans.


That is exactly what we are doing, and we are doing it at such a pace that there is a lot less space for the rest of the mammals to live. Just look at how many species are currently on the red data list of extinction!

If it was not for the pleasure of sex we as humans probably wouldn`t exist in these stressful times where stress, bad eating and little to no exercise takes away our quality of life.

Our sex problems start when the body is not producing enough sex hormones anymore. That is mainly because of ageing and some external factors like stress, lack of exercise and bad eating habits.

At the age of fifty men has only about fifty percent of their testosterone production and women start going into menopause. In my Castle Walk and Castle Ridge pharmacies, we get many requests regarding what it is women can use to help with hot flushes, forgetfulness and tiredness. With men, the problem remains silent until the point where they are already impotent or in a depression.

Picking up weight around the belly is the first sign that the body is producing too much stress hormones like cortisol and not enough testosterone for men and oestrogen with women. Visceral fat around the middle is the dangerous fat we all must avoid and work hard to remove.

You can avoid this by keeping fit because your body likes to regulate itself by optimising blood circulation when proper cardiovascular exercises are practised.  The result is the dropping of testosterone levels and the bonus is, it keeps your brain circulation good, which in turn can counteract the rise in Alzheimer’s cases.

In my pharmacies, my advice is to keep it natural and for men an injection with a Heel remedy that increases your testosterone levels is the first option. Men should get one injection weekly for about six weeks to 3 months and a simple blood test will show how your testosterone increases.

There are a lot of herbal remedies men and women can take to increase their energy levels and my own remedy called six rounds contains ginseng, horny goat weed, histidine and vita-phenol that are known to increase energy and blood circulation. Take six rounds daily like you would take your multivitamins because ginseng is a powerful antioxidant your body needs to stay healthy.

Prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis work well because their action to increase nitrogen in body tissue helps to improve blood circulation.

The latest trend for men is to do a long-acting testosterone injection every 12 to 14 weeks that will increase their manhood. When starting with the treatment, however, it is important to continue with it on a regular basis.

The biggest problem with women is that when oestrogen levels start dropping they experience vaginal dryness and a simple solution is an over the counter oestrogen cream or a vaginal tablet that can solve a lot of problems by keeping the epithelial tissue in the vagina healthy. I also have more and more woman using my oestrogen cream as a facial cream because it keeps the wrinkles away.

Do not forget to add a big dose of vitamin C to your daily diet as it strengthens and keeps binding tissue like your bones and cartilage and skin.

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